Accounting Society of Ethiopia like the professional associations in the developed world is the result of economic and social problems such as the need for a strong broad based professional association that worries about the profession, the need to exercise professional interest in the field from members and policy as well as quality assurance issues in the profession.   

Where as many professionals are living their profession in their real world lives and wherever they are this is not practically true for those in the area of accounting. A number of graduates are not interested in their field because they couldn’t taste and appreciate it. Had there been a strong association and a publication in the area, graduates would have been interested and exercise their professionalism.

In addition, in today’s environment of Ethiopia, there are a number of Institutions graduating accountants. But there is no forum for discussion about their growth the quality of their products (graduates) and even their curriculum. The publications that the Association intends to publish will fill this gap and try to serve as a medium of communication. Due to this and other various reasons the existence of a broad based strong association has become really a necessity.    


In response to these interested groups from Addis Ababa Commercial College, Addis Ababa University Faculty of Business and Economics and from private colleges in collaboration with those who are working in the real world (especially graduates of Addis Ababa Commercial College) took the initiative to establish the association.

Accounting Society of Ethiopia (ASE) is a non-political, not-for-profit and non-religious professional association incorporated as per the civil code of 1960 and regulation for registration of associations legal notice No 1113∕2011 of Ethiopia.

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